For years I suffered from stiffness and pain in my neck and shoulders, resulting in severe headaches and anxiety that would come and go. I later developed low back pain and stiffness and I honestly thought that perhaps I had developed arthritis. When I started having dizziness I knew then that I had to seek medical care...I started getting adjusted and well, I did lose all the pain, stiffness, dizziness, and anxiety and now I feel great! I now enjoy walking our dogs, bike riding, hiking, gardening and even doing housework. It is such a joy to be pain free and I've even noticed that I'm not bothered by allergies anymore. I am now convinced of the true importance of chiropractic care and will always include it for my personal well being. --Cindy B.


Many who know me have seen quite a change in me. I am able to walk distances, climb stairs with a minimum of effort. I have also noticed these differences and feel so blessed that I found Dr. Brian. For the past ten months he has been working on my spinal column. Each visit finds me much stronger when it comes to walking, climbing stairs. I used to be in constant pain and could only walk a short distance when I would experience extreme pain in my lower back and hips. It was so bad that I had to stop and try to sit down for a few minutes. I dreaded going shopping, visiting people. Climbing steps were almost impossible for me. I would be so worn out trying to climb them that often I declined invitations if I knew there were steps. Now I can climb them keeping up with those I am with. Chiropractic care has really helped me. I tell everyone I meet that they should go to a chiropractor as they really help. Being a Principal I do a lot of walking, climbing stairs. I marvel to myself how much freer I am to do these easy functions which were once so laborious for me. I am very grateful to Dr. Hyland for his healing approach. --Anne S.


Dr. Hyland is the best!! Everything from his comforting touch, his concern for his patients, and his intelligence is everything you could ask for in a doctor! Even his office is good! It's clean, tidy, and well-appointed. It doesn't have the "cold" unwelcoming feeling that most doctor's offices do! Dr. Hyland answers questions and concerns with thorough explanations and compassion. I've been his patient for three months now. I cannot tell you the relief I feel!! From the physical aspect to the lowered stress level, my whole life has improved! I can finally get a restful nights sleep! I have told everyone I know to give Dr. Hyland a try! It's worth every penny! By the way, it's relatively inexpensive, compared to a family doctor! Thanks Dr. Hyland, you're the greatest! --Judy W.


When I first came to Dr. Hyland's office, I had been experiencing back pain for as long as I can remember. My sleep was affected by the pain as I was awakened by it, walking any distance was not even a consideration and I couldn't be in any position more than fifteen minutes without repositioning myself. My life has changed since coming to Dr. Hyland. The back pain I experienced has significantly decreased. In fact, there are now days that I am relatively pain free which I haven't experienced in years. I sleep better, I have been able to enjoy long walks and repositioning has also decreased. At present, I am enhancing my adjustments at home with the DVD recommended by Dr. Hyland, "Neurological Re-Integration Movements." This too has made a difference and I would strongly recommend this for anyone when they get to this point in their treatment. Another aspect in my treatment that I found profoundly helpful was Dr. Hyland's ever-present positive attitude. No matter how I felt when I walked into his office, I always came out with a smile on my face. He is truly an example of a caring healer. While I was a skeptic in the beginning, I am convinced of the benefits of chiropractic. --Diane B.

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